Overcoming Writers Block

Many people love writing and reading and as a result they consider things like blogging, like myself. But when the time comes to start writing that blog they get a complete writers block. I like to call it a writer’s blog because it rhymes with block, but that’s not the point. When attempting to start a blog or an essay or any piece of writing we tend to forget that in order to have a successful piece of writing we need to brainstorm, I personally have fallen victim to this many times… well actually all the time. I’m one of those people who just pick up a pen and start writing away, rather than drafting mind maps and making speech bubbles or whatever it is people do as “brainstorming”. If you ask me , the skill of writing is completely underrated and requires a lot of attention and uniqueness which is why most writers need to be in “the zone” in order for them to start writing a piece. Let’s be honest, if or when you’re not in the zone you’re absolutely clueless on what to write which ultimately takes us right back to the writers block. Getting into ones zone requires a different prescription for each individual which is why I will be listing my top three methods that can be helpful when it comes to making those creative juices ooze out easily.

1. Being in the right environment can really affect your train of thought, whether it’s inside or outside. Most people prefer being in a completely quiet place because it helps them think clearer. I would say most people prefer being in or around nature but that would be way too dramatic because not everyone has a mountain or forest in their backyard. It is very important to write when your minds most at peace because this way you can avoid any sort of distractions from derailing your train of thought. Although let’s be honest, writing that has been sun kissed is the best kind of writing.

2. Playing music in the background really helps some people’s creative juices to start flowing, music for them works as a steroid that just elevates their writing. But it is very important to be careful on what type of music you pick or what kind of playlist you play rather because I don’t think listening to Cardi B or DaBaby will help you finish a piece of writing, trust me I know this from experience. I once tried writing an essay while listening to Be Careful by Cardi B and ended up writing the lyrics of the song ( which is all about heartbreak) rather than writing my actual essay which was based on a completely different topic – Global Warming, and yes, it was a total disaster. So I would really recommend for you to choose a R&B type of playlist or something soothing like jazz, although some R&B songs have their way of triggering certain emotions, but that’s not the point.

3. A change of scenery can really do some good to ones writing. Some people stay in the house for one whole week then wonder why they’re having writers block, like duhh is it not that obvious!? Trust me I’m not saying you need to travel to a different country or across the world – unless you insist, but the smallest change of scenery can make the biggest difference like going to the grocery store or to the park. This will allow you to see things from a different perspective, and trust me it’s better than looking at things from your kitchen or bedroom window. Not only will you get fresh air but you’ll also get fresh ideas and trust me, writers block will be a thing of the past.

I hope these three tips helped you a lot and gave you an idea on how to overcome writers block. Trust me there’s no better feeling than seeing your essay or any piece of writing complete.

Please do leave comments below on whether this helped you or not.

– Zee


  1. This has been helpful
    And true
    The point of music in the background really is true I can relate, when listening to music ideas of whatever I’m writing flow

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  2. Great advice Zee! I completely agree with you about distraction. That’s such a big one nowadays – especially given many of us write on the very devices that are constantly stealing said attention. I put my phone in a draw or on aeroplane mode when I write. Music helps a lot. I find, like you, the type of music can influence your writing. Often a good idea to think about the type of post you want to write and then pair it with appropriate type of music. Getting out in nature helps me massively – I often go for a long walk around my local park before sitting down at a cafe to write. It’s like doing stretches before going for a run. Thanks Zee – I look forward to reading more of your work. Wishing you well, AP2 🙏

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  3. It’s funny how each of us finds out comfort zone and what works, and they’re not always the same. These are great tips. I also think it helps to jot down ideas whenever and wherever they show up. It may not be the best time to write, but keeping them for later can help. Happy Writing!


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