Don’t Restrict Yourself

Before I even get started with this blog I just want to say : You can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to. So don’t restrict yourself , it’s not cute… AT ALL.

One thing to remind yourself constantly is that your comfort zone is your enemy. Your goals should be so big that you get uncomfortable telling small minded people about them. People who have “unrealistic” dreams and plans for themselves are often called crazy by others which really cracks me up because these are the people who restrict themselves in every way possible without even noticing it. Big dreams scare many MANY people!! But if you ask me I think that these people should be more afraid of that box that they’re putting themselves in because as time goes on that box will only get smaller and their thinking will get weaker. I find it quite often that people who restrict themselves and don’t challenge themselves are people who never get anywhere in life. They put up these inspiring quotes and watch motivational videos BUT THEY AREN’T GOING OR GETTING ANYWHERE!! That is the truth ( you’ll learn quickly that I am brutally honest )

When I restrict myself I get angry. Angry at the fact that I know I can do anything but because it’s out of my comfort zone I’m afraid to do it. I’ve come to realize that this anger kicks me towards the dreams and goals that I have set for myself. So if you don’t feel any type of emotion when feeling like you can’t do anything and you just restrict yourself , then my friend I’m telling you right now that SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! You need to learn to channel your inner self and thoughts and align yourself with them , because I recently found out that it really helps me get into that zone where I’m fueled with emotion and get the feeling like I can conquer the world.

I can’t and won’t even begin to talk about the people who’ve missed out on amazing opportunities due to a low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Ladies and gentlemen you can do anything and achieve anything that you put your mind to ,don’t let anybody tell you any different. Read that again if you have to! I never thought I would be able to read a speech in a hall jam packed with complete strangers BUT i put my mind to it and I did it and there I was receiving A++ awards for public speaking. I never thought that I had the gift to entertain people BUT there I was getting 1st place for dramatic arts. I never thought that I could enrich people’s lives with my words and writing BUT here I am writing blogs that have reached hundreds of people nationwide!!! I could go on and on about all the things I restricted myself on but thanks to that fear that kicked me out of my little box and way out of my comfort zone look at all the things I have achieved.  So I say again : Don’t restrict yourself!!!

Nobody’s perfect but it’s the effort that we put in that really makes a whole difference , no matter how tiny that effort is. I have peers who really didn’t and still don’t understand this concept of restricting ones self. When I receive my achievements the first words that come out of their mouths are “She got lucky”… shocking… nobody gets lucky , it’s called hard work , determination , and telling yourself that “hey listen self , I know what we’re about to do is way out of our comfort zone and makes us extremely uncomfortable but we HAVE to do this to get to where we want to be” . It really makes me mad when someone who’s hard working and believes in themselves achieves greatness and people say they got lucky… it’s a total cringe moment!!!

I’m not saying do what everyone else is doing , I’m saying do what you want to do, but most importantly do what you’re afraid to do! You will surprise yourself!

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